Thursday 12 June 2008: SPRINT 8


Today's workout is based on a sprint protocol designed by Phil Campbell, author of Ready, Set GO! Synergy Fitness for Time-Crunched Adults.

The sprints are progressive. The first sprint begins at a jog and climaxes at 50% of maximum effort; the second sprint goes from 40% at the beginning to 60% at the climax; the third sprint goes from 50-70%; the fourth sprint from 60-80%; the fifth sprint from 70-90%; the sixth sprint reaches 95% of maximum effort; the seventh and eighth sprints are run at 95-100% effort.

If you are not accustomed to the type of sprint training we do around here, do not max out on the final three sprints - climax between 80-90% of maximum effort.


  • Run 5 minutes
  • Repeat eight times:
    Sprint 15 seconds
    Recover 1 minute
  • Run 5 minutes


  • Run-walk 5 minutes
  • Repeat six-eight times:
    Sprint 15 seconds
    Recover 60-85 seconds
  • Run-walk 5 minutes


  • Powerwalk 5 minutes
  • Repeat four-six times:
    Sprint 15 seconds
    Recover 85-120 seconds
  • Powerwalk 5 minutes

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John10e said...

Today would have been easy to skip. Slept late, and was sore from the other day, with the jumping jacks. Had a BBQ at work too, it would have been easy to skip.

5 min (30/30) jumping jacks 150
8 - 15 sec -sprints (uphill outside the house about 100 feet – had to keep an eye on the kids)
1 min walking recovery
5 min (30/30) jumping jacks 151