Tuesday 15 July 2008: B-CIRCUITS

Today's workout was developed by Bryce Lane.


Complete as many circuits as possible in twenty minutes.

If you are not accustomed to plyometric training or are obese, perform the Basic WOD.


12 Short Range Squat Jumps
(Half-Squat Jumps: Squat until your elbows touch your knees and thighs are parallel to ground and then jump for height or distance)
12 Full Range Squat Jumps
(Deep Squat Jumps: Squat deep until your hands touch the ground and then jump for height or distance)
20 High Tension Bodyweight Squats
(Squat while maintaining conscious tension of the leg mucles)


6 Short Range Squat Jumps
6 Full Range Squat Jumps
10 High Tension Bodyweight Squats


5 Half-Squat Jumps
10 Lunges (Each leg)
10 Calf Raise and Flex

Are you tempted to cheat on the jump as your legs become tired? Try Traveling B-Circuits by jumping for distance instead of height. Try to cover the same total distance on each circuit as the workout progresses to ensure that you are pushing yourself adequately.

Post results to Comments.

B-Circuits are covered in Bryce's excellent booklet Fitness Secrets of the Road Ninja. I also highly recommend The Booklet of Bodyweight Power and A Mighty River of Steel.


John10e said...

Not looking foward to this AND a run

Anonymous said...

9 circuits + 12 short range squat jumps + 5 Full range squat jumps.
Maintained about the same distance each circuit give or take a foot.
Legs felt like rudder afterwards so I'm not looking forward to waking up tomorrow
Nate in Canada

John10e said...

Took it easy?? Kept it down some today, days like this normally see me hurting for days after. I think I balanced it well today.

11 rounds:
(Jumping up to the first step of stairs - every 2nd min - a 30sec work/ 90 sec rest ratio. The last break was 60 sec to slip in the 11th round.)

5 jumping half squats
5 jumping deep squats (deep for me)
5 tension squats

Right after:
20 min of the rowing machine (no run)

John10e said...

oh, and then jumpming in the hip high kids pool! :)