January 3-13 2014: 12 WODs


Friday 3 Jan 2014: JR + PU/SU

Saturday 4 Jan 2014: RUN FOR DISTANCE

Sunday 5 Jan 2014: REST

Monday 6 January 2014: PFT

Tuesday 7 Jan 2014: B-CIRCUITS

Wednesday 8 Jan 2014: DIPS + CHINS

Thursday 9 Jan 2014: CRAWL...SPRINT #2

Friday 10 Jan 2014: PULL, PU, CRAWL

Saturday 11 Jan 2014: RUN FOR DISTANCE

Sunday 12 Jan 2014: REST

Monday 13 Jan 2014: FIVE BASIC EXERCISES


Anonymous said...

Is someone going on vacation?

Emily @ My Little Lasik said...

Good stuff!

Roberts Tracy said...

This sounds a real inspirational and much helpful blog in regards to the fitness maintaining for a proper healthy lifestyle.
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Joel Ellis said...

No, Sean. I was out of the country doing missions work in a remote part of Central America. Back in town this morning. Thanks for noticing my absence. :)


Alexis Moore said...

Great 12-day fitness program.
Thanks for sharing this.
It's nice to start the year with a healthy lifestyle.=)

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